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Bubble Gum
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Feb 26, 2008


Mainly Indica hybrid. Hydro.


These buds are massive! The photo we have here was of a bud larger than my hand! In fact, NativeK told me that this was the first time he ever had to reduce an image to 11% of it's original size to get it to fit on the web page! The pieces are so well formed and manicured, they are simply a pleasure to review. :)


The scent is very similar to a Kush. There is a touch of sweetness (I guess owing to its Bubblegum heritage) with a very heavy taste of ginger (again, more parallel to a Kush). When it burns, there is a strong Indica geur that spreads heavily throughout the area. There is no doubt you are smoking good gear for anyone nearby!


On a dry hit, you get a strong fresh flavour of green. It burns a bit harsh, but I think that's a result of the heavy crystal condition. There is a sharp floral/pollen taste that reminds me of a super polm, which is unique for a weed like this. Even though its a bit harsh, its still easy to inhale without hacking too hard. By the bottom of the joint, it gets really resinous but still continues to burn smoothly.


After getting over an initial coughing fit; I was slightly spinning! The FX are a bit spacy... almost like I was floating in zero-gravity for a few moments there. This is the type of high that "comes and goes" a few times during the session and kind of tricks you into feeling normal right before you have a visual that says: "You are stoned fool!"


Besides being HUGE pieces, this weed has a very good combination of qualities; it's cured properly and clipped to perfection and the high is strong and lasts for daze...

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