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Bubblegum (3)
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Coffeeshop 36

shop profile Warmoesstraat 36


Oct 10, 2001


Kush-Indica Hybrid


Very dense; like a rock! Crystal coated. Even the larger leaves are covered with sweet powder.


A bit like hay. A slightly musty odor breaks to a fruity scented center. Quite a pleasant surprise!


Not as fruity as other strains, but still fresh and semi-sweet tasting. I'd recommend that you have an ice cold lemonade to accompany this gear.


The high was not immediate, but when you sit back for a few minutes after smoking, you will slowly feel the rising high. Very happy-high stylee. This lasts for about an hour.


This stuff was average tasting, but packed a nice lasting high. Nothing to write home about, but worth it if you are in the Warmoesstraat and weedless, like I was!

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