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Bubblegum Polm

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Bubblegum Polm
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Oct 10, 2001


It was too busy to get a straight answer about it's origin, but it's most likely a nederhash pressed from Bubblegum plants. Or, it's just a fancy name for regular Moroccan hash with a fruity flavour!


Very hard, dirty brown colour. A bit powdery looking. Darker outer layer has "ribbed" texture from the pressing or packing technique. As it's broken up, it goes powdery. If you light it up first, it becomes more rubbery.


A bit of a chocolate-mint scent before it is burned.


It actually has an unpressed hash flavour. Much like a weed or skuff taste. This would lead me to believe it is a Nederhash derived from Bubblegum strains.


Wow, how beautiful you are, your Highness! This one got me immediately insane in the membrane! Quickly up and peaked out for around 90 minutes. I loved it's "rush-like" qualities; remarkable for a polm...


A pleasant surprise from C-shop 36. I ran out of gear (very un-bushdoctor-like) and dropped in to pick up some standard super polm. I saw this on the menu, and had to sample! Glad I did.

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