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Alpine Goji

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Alpine Goji
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Jan 15, 2017


Alpine Goji Live Resin extract. Beezle is a company with early success in several Cannabis Cups and aside from extracts they have been making delicious edibles and much more...


whoa! :D This is THE kind of hash that I love. Everyone always talks about clarity but that doesn't phase me as much as the taste, which was delish, but I'll get there later.

As far as the look, I can't really say it could look better... well, it could be adorned with diamonds.

It looks like candy and automatically conjures up some sort of visceral hunger. If you've read my reveiws over the years, you know I always take a nibble but in this case, had I been really baked I'd have popped the whole thing in my mouth... yummmm Alpine Goji Jolly Rancher.


Yup, straight Goji. Sweet, sour and a touch of earthy, bitter tang.This had my nose calling my other organs, getting them ready for a treat....


No disappointment here at all. The taste is all that my nose said it would be, mouth-watering.

A big hit has you nearly drooling as it expands in your lungs at a Big Bang pace.


It only takes a few minutes to get the Beezle Buzz in the head. lol

For me, it was a lively high. Perhaps there is some psychology going on there, but when I smoke lighter extracts, it almost always make me feel higher.

This live resin hits me quick and hard but without couchlock. There is a strong visual edge to this, where colors and patterns start to jump out. 


Medically, this is going to have varying results, but certainly will keep you happy, cheerful and generally content.

I first had some Beezle edibles which I loved but this extract was one of the nicer flavs and highs that I have had in some time.

Props to the Beezle crew, good stuff! Respect.

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