Treatwell 1:1 Pet Cannabis Tincture

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Treatwell 1:1 Pet Cannabis Tincture
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Jul 14, 2020


CBD and THC tincture made with full plant extract, Salmon and MCT oil.  15 ml


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The packaging is professional and easy to read. I like how it clearly states the amounts, ingredients and a weight class for intended pets. They also highlight the contents of each dropper dose, 1 dropper =2.5mg CBD 2.5mg THC in an even ratio.


Softly hempy, nutty and grassy in scent. I don't pick up the Salmon at all which may be a good thing for the owner! I am sure our dog smells it though, cos he is often drawn to the kitchen, when the bottle is left open on the counter.


Now, i did take a little bit on my tongue... and it does taste a bit like salmon actually. Not too much in the way of hemp or cannabis. All good from the perspective of my ailing pooch.


My dog loves this stuff, and I know it cos he immediately comes running to me whenever he hears a small glass bottle clinking.


This makes our dog very relaxed and happy. Not stupid and runnin into the streets relaxed, but rather less "shaky" and more "lappy", lol.


In using the THC product (as opposed to only CBD), we are hoping to stave off any potential cancerous growths that a dog of this advanced age may encounter.



As with any pet product, you really need to be in tune with your furry friend to really accurately gauge how well the new cannabis regiment is going.

I can tell you that our pet is much happier, sleeps better and appears to be more vivacious on the days he has his dropper of tincture as opposed to the days we lapse.


Even though this company has gained notoriety with the CEO being "Permit Patty", the seriously solid cannabist dude (Harry) who is really behind the quality is still with the company and doing it proper.


I am all for supporting them, assuming they got rid of the dead weight!

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