Snackbars & Vending Machines - Fast Food Amsterdam Style

Dutch fast food can be an adventure in “munchie-land”. There are more than 50 different snacks available, all with ONE thing in common: a deep fat fryer! Here are a few of the fast food favorites available in Amsterdam...


 Fat Foods Fast


When you’re stoned, the oil and batter scent that would normally make you slightly ill becomes an alluring “nectar” that draws you near the fryer! Those normally of sound minds (and stomachs) including vegetarians, may be seen heading into the snack bars after a fat spliff! “Do you separate the meats from the vegetables in the frying oil? ”Yeah, right!" What the hell; none of your health-conscious friends back home will ever know that you are going on a vein-clotting binge! “It’s OK, when in Rome...”


Below we’ve listed a few of the “delicacies” you’ll see on every street corner of central Amsterdam. Prices are fairly standard with most snacks starting around one euro “per stuk” (per piece). You’re best off going to the counter to order “fresh” frozen pieces to be fried instead of getting them from the vending machines (which are a little cheaper) where they’ve been sitting and hardening...much like your arteries after your meal!


“Patat” (pawtawt) or “Frites” (freets)

Chips or french fries, are well known around the world; only difference here is the massive “glob” of mayonaise that blankets the salty, oily little critters!


“Patat Oorlog” (pawtawt or-lowg)

Try this sauce for a unique mix of peanut sauce, mayo, and onions. Or maybe opt for curry sauce with the mayo for a “flava war”.


“Bami Schijfje” (ba-mee skyf-ya)

This is a little breaded slice of fried asian noodles with a wee spicyhot flavour. These must be eaten hot or they begin to go brick-like!


“Kaas Souffle” (kaws soo-flay)

A bread deep fried pocket of cheese that really tastes good for the first five minutes; after that you may start to gag a bit as your munchies subside and the cheese cools off and begins to resemble some sort of man-made toxic plastic!


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