Top 5 sweet foods for the Amsterdam Stoner Munchies: #1 Stroopwafels

The Munchies: a term used by stoners to describe incredible hunger caused by cannabis consumption. We rated the top 5 sweet foods to reach for when the munchies hit you hard!

 #1 Stroopwafels

Created by accident, by a baker in Gouda (famous for its cheese), in the 1800s, Stroofwafels are a source of national Dutch pride. They are sweet, gooey, caramelly, and delicious! They can't really be good for you, but they hit the spot when a sweet craving hits, and also a great souvenir to bring back home, to the unfortunate friends and family who did not get to visit Amsterdam!


Watch this SGTV video to learn more about stroopwafel history, and see how they have been made, by "Origonal Dutch Stroofwafels" - a family business delivering this sweet goodness for almost 50 years! Their stand is located just a stumble away from Katsu Coffeeshop and Papillon Coffeeshop, just a walk down from the Albert Cuyp Markt in Amsterdam.