Amsterdam Government Victimises Coffeeshops

What happen's when your business is shot at? Well if you're a coffeeshop owner in Amsterdam the city may just close down your business!

Early in the morning on May 5, 2016, multiple gun shots were fired at the Jabba the Hutt coffeeshop in Amsterdam-Zuid. Despite there being an employee and two customers in the coffeeshop at the time, thankfully no one was injured.

After it was reported to the police, at around 00:35 am, a investigation was carried out, and the police are looking for the shooter or shooters. According to an employee who spoke to the Dutch newspaper Het Parool, he doesn’t think the bullet that hit the coffeeshop was aimed at it, as it just hit a wall. Coffeeshop Jabba the Hutt is now open again as usual.

Sadly in the past year there have been a few shootings in Amsterdam and this is the fifth time a coffeeshop has been involved. The De Kroon coffeeshop in Amsterdam-Zuid was shot at in January and The Power coffeeshop on Sarphatistraat was targeted in February. Despite the fact that they were shot at; making them the victims.

The government of the city of Amsterdam can have a less than tolerarant attitude when it comes to problems near coffeeshops, and Mayor Eberhard van der Laan decided to close these coffeeshops permanantly.

Amsterdam has many, many coffeeshops despite the recent closures, and incidents like this are very rare; both at coffeeshops and in Amsterdam in general. 

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