The Best Smoker Friendly Bars in Amsterdam

Our pick of the best smoker friendly bars in Amsterdam: These bars either allow smoking weed (or hash) in their designated smoking rooms, allow smoking on their terrace, or at least have a positive mindset about cannabis. Either way these are places you can chill out and enjoy a beer with your joint! Make sure to check with the staff if and where smoking is permitted. Remember that all establishments must adhere to local laws, and all patrons must remain respectful to fellow visitors.


Make sure you experience more than just the coffeeshops while in Amsterdam. Our restaurants & clubs rank up there with the finest in the world; this is debatable but it doesn’t hurt that there are places that allow you to smoke a spliff if you are not disturbing anyone else; you should always ask your server if they mind if you light up. (Especially those of you who like fat-ass pure haze or skunk spliffs! ) All of these places are well worth visiting, even without a joint! Enjoy Amsterdam!


coffeeshopamsterdam Cafe

This smoker friendly cafe and lounge bar took over the old location of de Rokerij coffeeshop, closed several years ago. Click on their name to learn more and view their drinks menu.  

 *image courtesy of coffeeshopamsterdam


Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam

The Hard Rock Cafe offers exeptional service, good food and the best beers, all in one of the best locations in Amsterdam. Please check with the staff for their smoking policy.  Click on their name to learn more. 

*image courtesy of Hard Rock Cafe


Coffeeshop La Grotte

Previously a cannabis coffeeshop, La Grotte opted to keep their alcohol license, and cater to the hungry needs of the modern stoner. Click on their name to learn more. 


*image courtesy of coffeeshoplagrotte


Wonder Bar - Nieuwendijk 5

On the way to The Doors Coffeeshop, Popeye, coffeeshopamsterdam, Green House and Barneys from Central Station, this bar is one of the best places to have a smoke and soak in the atmosphere. As you walk in, you know that you are gonna have some fun; there are Shishas for use at every table, a full bar and a very large menu of fresh healthy items and typical bar food. DJ’s spin on weekends and all major sporting events are shown on big screens.

If you tell ‘em the Smokers Guide sent you, you can expect a special welcome! Take a look at the Wonder Bar profile page for more info! And also take a look at their other two locations, the Wonder Bar Two in the Redlight District and the Wonder Lounge, just down the street from the Wonder Bar.




The Doors Palace - Spuistraat 46

The Doors Palace is the alcoholic sister of The Doors Coffeeshop. This chain has a great theme, that you might be able to guess. The Palace is a spacious bar spread across 2 floors. They have 2 pool tables upstairs, as well as pinball machines and a dart board. The staff are very friendly and of course since its part of the same chain as The Doors Coffeeshop, they are very smoker friendly too!

Take a look at their profile page for more info!


Kashmir Lounge

The Kashmir Lounge a great local hangout filled with all kind of characters. The Kashmir Lounge maybe considered one of the best coffeeshop and bar combos in the ENTIRE CITY! The bar is fully stocked, even offering a selection of cocktails. You'll find the The Kashmir Lounge across the road from the Kashmir Coffeeshop, they are very smoker friendly, and have a huge sunny terrace.

Take a look at the Kashmir Lounge's profile page for more info.



Barney’s Uptown - Haarlemmerstraat 105

You might want to escape the Red Light District and relax for a while, just a short walk and you'll find Barney's Uptown(as well as a few coffeeshops). This latest addition to the Barney’s lineup is modern, with a clean and minimal look. Huge concert photos grace the walls, the bar sparkles with shiny bottles of the finest liquors and delicious Jupiler beer flows from the taps... add a wide menu of finely prepared dishes and the typical Barney’s service and you’ve got a top spot at the end of the “High Street”. Better still, the bar stays open late and there are DJ’s too!

Take a look at their profile page for more info. If you are interested, check out the advert on the back cover, or on the map on page 189 of the Smokers Guide to Amsterdam book, you can pick up a copy in our shop.



Mellow Yellow Lounge - Vijzelstraat 103

The Mellow Lounge is just down the road from the Mellow Yellow Coffeeshop, and is ran by the same great team. They are very smoker friendly and have a spacious designated smoking room with comfortable seating. The Mellow Yellow Lounge has a full service alcohol bar and large food menu offering 'fusion cuisine', they also have a great selection of sandwiches, grilled burgers and seafood. Every weekend they have live DJs every weekend, and the occasional open-mic evenings.

To find out more check out the Mellow Yellow Lounge's profile page.



Another great coffeeshop and bar combo; buy your weed at the Kadinsky Coffeeshop, then over the road to the Kadinsky Bar and enjoy a drink with your smoke. The Kadinsky is located right in the center of Amsterdam, just off the Damrak. Enjoy your weed along with the good vibes and good music.

For more info check out the Kadinsky Coffeeshop's profile page, the bar is directly across the road.


Sound Garden - Marnixstraat 164-166

A former coffeeshop, now focused on alternative and progressive music, and an alcohol bar. There are dart boards and a billiards table if you feel like a little competition. Chill out on their sunny back terrace and enjoy a spliff and an ice cold beer. Pop by Funky Munkey across the street for a great smoke!


Bitterzoet - Spuistraat 13

In our opinion, one of the better club/bars that is close to Centraal Station. On most weekends, this place is packed with a mixed crowd. Music ranges from hip-hop and pop to rock.


Brouwerij t’ IJ - Funenkade 7 (out past the NEMO)

Most definitely one of the best micro-breweries in town! Housed in an original windmill, you can select from nearly a half dozen fresh-brewed beers. The menu has several top seasonal beers like their famous Bok. In the summer the large canal side terrace is packed with all sorts of people chatting socially or on their own reading books. Outside you’re able to light up a spliff and enjoy the surroundings. Afterwards, you can go check out the Artis Zoo or perhaps the Hortus Botanicus which are both in the neighbourhood.


Want to find more smoker friendly bars in Amsterdam? Then take a look at The Red Light Districts Best Smoker Friendly Bars. And as always check out the Smokers Guide to Amsterdam book for more info and discounts! Pick up a copy today from our shop!


What's your favorite smoker friendly bar in Amsterdam? Leave a comment below and let us know!


Some of the above mentioned bars and restaurants are included in our HighStreet video: