Eating A Space Cake In Amsterdam

Also known as edibles in dispensary circles, space products can be found in most coffeeshops. Our Bushdoc weighs in on the them in this classic article...

Space Goods (HIGHS & lows)

A lot of people who visit ask me about the "space" items for sale in some coffeeshops. These usually consist of cakes, muffins, teas, or coffees. In some places you can even find "space fruit shakes", or "Space BonBons". Lovely.....

Eating it can be too strong if you don't know how much THC you are consuming. If you happen to get a piece of cake where the THC is concentrated, you can be overwhelmed by the high. Even for pros like me, it can be too much. I have "spun-out" from eating it on more than one occassion! Unlike smoking it, it creeps up on ya quite slowly; when it reaches your bloodstream you are along for the ride, whether you are enjoying it or not! Eating non-homemade goods should be left to the experienced heads.

On the other hand, a great way to enjoy it is with tea or coffee. Then you can take a half gram of hash at a time and know exactly what you are getting. The hash blends right in. Using milkshakes is even better if you can get the THC molecules to bond with the fat molecules in the cream. (I'll talk about this in a future B.D.T.S.)

Finally, I will say that eating space products seem to affect time and distance travelled!!!