Alcohol: Safe Drinking Tips & Advice From The Jellinek Clinic

Alcoholic beverages taste good and drinking makes for a nice cheerful atmosphere. Every so often though, something goes wrong. You feel ill or you have an awful hangover the next day. The following tips can help minimize the risks of drinking.


Alcohol stimulates the excretion of liquid. You lose more liquid than you consume. So drink water to quench your thirst and have an a alcoholic beverage because you like it. 


Dehydration can cause a hangover. Alternate alcoholic beverages with a drink of water and have another glass of water before you go to sleep.


Excessive drinking can cause damage to the brain, liver and other organs. If you are a man, your body can cope with about three glasses a day without it doing you any harm, but there should be two days a week when you don’t drink. If you are a woman, you can only cope with two glasses a day. If you drink more, cut it down. Drinking a lot once a week is much more harmful and dangerous than having a little every day.


If you drink three to seven glasses in an hour, you will notice the numbing effect. You overestimate yourself, you lose control of your muscles and you start staggering. This is especially dangerous in a city like Amsterdam with busy traffic, trams, and canals all over. So if you have had a lot to drink, take a taxi home


Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination. Alcohol slows down your reactions. After only two glasses, it already takes you half a second longer to step on the brake. You don’t see what is happening on the left or right as well as you should, and you have trouble estimating distances. Don’t drink and drive.


Alcohol makes you gain weight. It slows down the metabolism of fat. It also keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep. You fall asleep but you wake up earlier. These are two more reasons not to drink too much.


Drink when you have time off, not when you have to go to work or school or play a sport. Don’t drink if you are pregnant.


Don’t combine alcohol with drugs. Drinking and smoking hashish or marijuana means more of a chance of nausea. No one can predict what combining alcohol and magic mushrooms could lead to.


What do you do for a hangover? Do you starve it, or maybe eat specific foods the next day? Any homemade remedies worth recommending? Feel free to share in the comment box below!