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Oct 10, 2001


Turkish styled hard pressed hash.


These shiny dark brown jewels are thin-pressed to about the thickness of a few credit cards stacked together. The outter skin covers a slightly lighter interior of "hardened fudge", like a piece of chocolate that has sat out for too long. This gear is really tough to break up so I suggest using a wee bit of flame to get it soft, or better yet, keep this in your front pocket to heat up to body temp before attempting to prepare it for a joint!


The smell is distinctly polm with a "twist"; dried plants have been used to get this final product but the type of plants seems different compared to the kif plants often used in Morocco. Being pressed so hard, it's tough to get a good smell before it's burned. After lighting it up however, the smoke is rich and perfumed.


The taste is not quite like a normal dark polm because there is more of this "chalky" (krijt) flavour which comes from somewhere. It's a very dull chalk flav that sort of "lies low in the background". This is familiar, yet still different, that is for sure!


Like most smoke, the high produces different effects depending on who you ask... Native K smoked a fat spliff with me and felt immediately energized; he walked around the office and wouldn't stop babbling... While I just kinda looked at him with a stony, "living dead" look on my face! M, from the Kashmir hash bar said he experienced a chilled almost drowsy high as well. I liked the high as it was like being mildly drunk and most hashes (polms in particular) don't affect me like that normally.


The "odd" flava combined with the trippy opposite effects that have been reported, certainly makes this one worth a try for experienced tokers who are after a change of pace...

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Kashmir Lounge

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85
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