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Kashmir Lounge

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Jun 29, 2005


Indica-Sativa cross, Hydro. I assume the name comes from being "floored" in Dutch and NOT the little green stuff that floats in the sea! (Yes, I KNOW that's spelled plankton!)


VERY solid nuggets with a light green colour, heavily dusted with crystals. Not many hairs but loads of calyxes to be found in these "hash plant" strains. The pieces are firm but break up easily, showing that they were cured quite well.


Fresh and green, with a strong minty smell you would expect from a weed with so many crystals. It just smells potent. When you light it up, there are tones of skunk in there which added to the "danky-musty" smell makes for some bodacious weed.


Flav is pretty heavy on the fire-ice with the crystals overpowering the green. You should invest in an ice cold Amstel beer if you are smoking a fattie of this weed; it will have you hacking a bit!


As soon as you exhale or "cough-hale" the first hit, you KNOW you are gonna be stoned man! The FX come on strong and hard, leaving you feeling a bit out of it, with blurry vision and a stupid grin. You don't say too much on this gear, but nobody's asking you questions anyway... if they are smokin with ya!


Not very social this, but a serious home-stoner session awaits if you feel like vegging out on the sofa watching some TV or a DVD. Even sat out on the lovely Kashmir Terrace with a cold beer was a great way to spend a lazy Thursday afternoon. Check it...

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Kashmir Lounge

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85
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