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Afghaan Polm

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Afghaan Polm
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Mar 8, 2004




At first look, this may seem like a normal piece of darker polm from Morocco, but on close inspection, this hash is definitely different! Dark, but not black, there is no shiny "skin". If you keep it warm and roll it in your fingers it goes all oily and "squidgy" but when "cold", it is fairly dry and breaks up kind of like an Oreo cookie. The powder is very fine, almost like dust. Take care when rolling this one in dark places or you�re liable to miss half of your gear!


It is not overwhelmingly strong, but there is a nice minty scent; especially when you have pulverized it. As it burns, you can really smell a difference from the normally perfumed scent a Maroc polm makes.


One great thing here is that it tastes really pure and uncontaminated. Not too peppery like many darks, but it certainly leaves an oily residue on the back of the throat! I had just eaten a spicy Surinamese shrimp sandwich and I had a J of this gear afterward. The flavours blended perfectly!


This causes a lovely buzzing mental high. It seemed that my heart rate was raised a bit, and I was bouncing around the room. You feel a bit trippy, but it is not overly visual. More of a "sharp", crisp sense of perception.


This is a really nice version of the Afghaan Polm that the KL offers; unique and very "clean", this one is can make converts out of would-be Moroccan polm smokers. Give it a try if you are in the mood for something different�

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Kashmir Lounge

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85
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