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Afghan Polm

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Afghan Polm
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Oct 29, 2005


Fine-sieved pollen from Afghanistan.


CLEAN! Not a trace of cross-contaminants, this gear is about as pure as it comes from the East. If you look at your computer screen closely, you will see the fingerprint marks left behind as it was prepared to make a joint. The outside is very shiny and smooth while the interior is gooey, nearly "fudge" in texture.


As you twist this apart it really gives off a strong scent. If you put it up to your nose, you will find the smell is rich and peppery, with a hint of a BBQ-smoke and charred beef somewhere in there.


Smooth and pure as its looks would indicate, the taste is again "clean". You won't find any plastic taste; you won't find any hair or non-plant material in here. All you will find is a gorgeous pepper flav that reminds me of chewing on a bit of spicy sausage.


My heart-rate seemed to increase a bit, and I actually felt butterflies in my stomach which is rare for a big-time smoker like me. The "antsy" feelings start to subside in a short while and you reach a kind of "high plateau" where it feels like you are overlooking a large valley where everything below is slightly blurry and hard to make out� It's a nice "up" effect which lets you down softly without bringing on tiredness.


Overall, this is the type of hash that Smokers Guide Veterans like Mriko would enjoy to the fullest: clean and tasty Afghan Polm, available from one of the best "dark menus" in town - Bluebird!

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