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Indian Pollen

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Indian Pollen
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Jun 18, 2004


Hand-made polm made from the highest quality Indian cannabis.


This stuff looks gorgeous! At first glance you see it's really dark, with a very consistent colour all along the surface and then throughout the inners as well. It is quite oily and there is a soft feel that does not break into powder, but rather into moist cake like interior. Just check out how "bendy" it is from the pic at right!


Spicy, peppery and a bit like the smell you find in the "top shelf" darker hashes coming in from India. There is a "freshness" to it that proves it is quality gear.


This stuff looked so good that I had taken a nibble off of the piece to taste it properly. It was delish! Really "clean" and fat/contaminant free, you could say "the proof was in the pudding", black pudding in this case!


Dazey, visual high. Butterflies in your stomach type of feeling. You feel generally excited about something, but you just can't be certain of what it is! These FX last for quite awhile before they start to taper off. Then you are left more relaxed, before finally coming back to normalcy.


It takes quite fine darker hash for me to be toking it pleasurably, � la polm. I could tell the Indian Pollen would be good as soon as I got it outta the bag; and no doubt, this one really made me happy. It was easy to have a spliff of this midday, without feeling tired and I actually got quite a bit of work done on it! This is definitely another winner amongst the darks on the Bluebird menu.

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St. Antoniesbreestraat 71
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