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Enemy Of The State

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Enemy Of The State
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Aug 14, 2007


Mainly Sativa, Bio.


These are some seriously ornate buds! The tiny leaves are nearly covered with wiry red hairs. If you crack the buds apart, you quickly see that there are crystals covering the interior. The leaves are tiny and very compact and they are "piled in" among each other with fat globs of THC covering the surface. The manicure is well done, as there is hardly a fan leaf to be found.


The scent is metallic and slightly chemical. When you burn it, there is a spicy scent released. In fact, the smoke rides heavy on the air and seems even heavier than when you are inhaling.


The taste is a bit acrid. There's a bit of fruit at the end of the "draw". It is very hard to contain the smoke without hacking your lungs out! My tongue and lips got a bit numb after smoking a small joint of this! You may want to have a fizzy drink at hand to maximize this effect!


The FX came on gradually and made me feel really "buzzy" and light in the head. I was sitting in the Vondel Park and rolled a pure "pinner joint" of this ganj. It made me feel happy and uplifted, especially as the sun began to shine through the grey clouds that hung low above the trees.


This weed is certainly worth a try; it's got a unique taste and scent but the high is just that� HIGH. The visuals are nice and softly trippy, without overpowering you into a zombie! Overall, Enemy of the State is a friend of mine!

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St. Antoniesbreestraat 71
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