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Star Warz
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Oct 10, 2001


Sensi Star crossed with Warlock


From the start, this appears as a cartoon-like, eerie and mystifying computer rendering. TOO perfect! Incredibly healthy plant with medium sized leaves left unclipped to shield the sweet centre. This is funny because the Coverage Leaves are as equally resin covered as the interior portions. Generally darker green & a yellowish "glow" created by massive amounts of crystals. Extremely dense with nestled clusters built 'round tiny stems.


Sweet yet spicy. As you open the bag a waft of sweet-come-earthy smell rises followed closely by a fresh pine.


A truly overwhelming pine flav. With a cool intake/exhale it's like smoking pure crystals, or trichomes. Excellent taste lingers in the throat and nasal area. Nature's gifts combined with (wo)man's horti-talents yield near perfection!


Seriously Half Hit Shit! I think the "force was with me" before I even put down the vapo-tool! Ya, for real, a swimming dizzy high. Your body is immersed in some sort of heavy liquid and you are forced to deal with it... Quite a trip; I started outta me head with a wake & bake Saturday 10:30 am and stayed very stoned until 2:30 pm. 4 hours is considerably longer than i'm used to! This stuff is SO strong it kinda makes ya not wanna get baked for awhile....


Strangely, no hint of dry-mouth for such a physically heavy weed. My body felt like it was on a new soft drug! The epitomy of the "bests" in the canna-world: Great genes, great taste, great fx, and finally great marketing with a name like this, it's sure to be remembered! An early BushDoc prediction: Look for this to be a judge favourite. "Big-ups" to have the pre-release, but now I need some more of this; they've been hiding it away until the Cup!

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St. Antoniesbreestraat 71
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