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Mar 3, 2009


Sensi Star crossed with Warlock. Bio.


The buds are very dense. I was happy to see gorgeous calyx clusters that were built on top of each other. Overall you find very small red hairs that "torch" out here and there. Crystals are found from top to bottom.


The smell is delicious and fruity sweet; as if there is a sugar cereal like fruity loops crushed up and mixed it. You just want to break this up and get started tokin� as soon as you get a bag in your hands.


On the dry hit, you taste a bit of fruit, a bit of "hay" and a fine finish of anisette. As you light it up, you get a strong, heavy, nearly "throat closing" smoke that is rich and dry and almost cigar-like.


It is rare that I notice a different sort of high (when you smoke heaps and heaps like I do), but this is spacey and sublime. It makes you feel really jubilant at first, and then it just gets downright trippy with blurry visuals and extra sensitivity to light and shadow. The high is strong and long-lasting.


I remember reviewing this weed about 7 years ago and I loved it then as much as I love it now. You know it's got to be good when you look at the winning genetics that are behind it. I wondered where it had disappeared to off of the Bluebird menu but in any case, I am happy it's back!

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St. Antoniesbreestraat 71
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