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Texel Eco
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Oct 10, 2001


Grown in greenhouses on one of the little islands in the north of the Netherlands called Texel (pronounced: tess-sel). The "Eco" refers to "ecologically friendly" or environmentally sound. Go Green!


Lotsa fan leaves found in the shake at the bottom of the sack. The interior portions of the bud are still rather leafy but are covered with a light yellowish resin. It adds to the overall colour of the weed.


The scent is really light outta the bag. It picks up a bit as it's broken apart and prepped for spliffage. You get wee whiffs of soil & spice. As it burns, it smells much like classic Sativas from the 70's. Maybe Columbian or so?


Uhhh, there HAD to be some reason this gear is so cheap per gram! I tried it in a joint. I tried it in a pipe. I tried it in a vapouriser. It got progressively yuckier! A little like smokin' hay! It may be a good idea to pull off the unmanicured leaves to improve taste.... maybe!


The high is great. Nice and light. Very buzzy and light-headed effect. It lasts for only 45 minutes or so but really has a positive effect without much sleepiness as it drops off. A lotta beginners ask me what to try for starters; well, here is another one I can recommend for you "first time tokers".


Very cool herb for a morning session as you are not knocked on your ass but instead uplifted for a short while. For a very cheap price you can get several grams of this gear and chain-smoke joints like ciggies! Perfect for light activity if you wanna mild buzz while still retaining your coordination. Certainly a different styled weed; seek some out if you are bored with your usual...

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Kashmir Lounge

Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85
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