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shop profile Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85


Oct 10, 2001


80% Sativa with a 20% Indica cross.


Extremely dense. Very crystal covered. The light green weed is almost "glowing" yellow from all the dusting of resin. Fuzzy darker leaves protect clumps of orange hairs.


A bit fresh at first scent but as it's broken apart, the very sweet and somewhat piney smell is released. The sugar scent overpowers the pine in this sample.


A soft and leathery flava with a wee vanilla aftertaste. With so many crystals you'd expect more of a pine-ammonia flav, yet this plant's true taste overpowers the resinous effect.


Crazy, flyin' high, stoney feelings; both visual and body in effect. You are really taken to la-la land for a good 2 hours before you begin to ease back to earth. I forgot about all my chores, I watched the trees sway in the wind, I got in trouble with my parents (it felt like it at least!) because I sat in my house all day, watching TV and grinning...


Lovely weed, this. After you smoke it, a fresh coating covers your mouth and throat in an extremely pleasant, "non-chem" drip. It couldn't be better. Even though I am not a fan of the name (yes, I am a peaceful b-doc) this omnipresent strain finally makes an appearance on the Bushdoctor Field Notes!

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