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Old Style

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Oct 25, 2002


Mostly Sativa/Indica hybrid.


Dark green for an AK47, with yellowish crystals. Kind of "scraggly" lookin' weed. Several larger coverage leaves tossed in the bag. Lighter orange hairs all round this guy. The interior of the bud is much more crystal covered. The buds are slightly cluster ball shaped under the bigger leaves.


As you sniff into the bag, it is like smelling damp hay with a bit of Mint-Urine sauce on it. (BTW, you prolly won't find that bottled sauce at the market!)


Very soft and subtle medicinal mouthwash flavour. Slightly salty, it has almost got a sea water flav. (Not North Sea Water, thank god!) I bought one of those new Amstel Bright beers that are kinda sweeter and very (too easy) to drink! It washed the "AK47 salt" down well.


Yes, this hits you like a lightning bolt! Shit, it just rushes at you with a spaced-out, dizzy-floating high. It can also give you a bit of a "woozy" feeling, which would mean it is NOT good to drink too much with this gear. Try 2 beers and switch to a juice for the sureness.


This weed looked pretty amateur at first; I thought of my first homegrown plant to begin with, but was very surprised to feel the monster FX from this one. You can't judge a book by the cover and ya can't judge this herb by the picture either!

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