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Terra Negra

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Terra Negra
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Jun 21, 2003


Top quality Moroccan.


Thin pressed, these shiny skinned pieces look a little like an After Eight chocolate mint that's been sitting in your pocket for awhile! It is not too hard and it bends softly before snapping apart. As you set the lighter flame to it, it begins to bubble up like melting caramel. Even though this is a polm, we�re putting this into the "dark" column. This is some seriously oily gear.


The smell is not too strong if you smell it without warming it up first. After getting it a bit warmer, it starts to release its fine mint scent. When you light a spliff up, the whole room fills with a lovely classic perfumed Maroc scent. "It calls to you�"


There is a peppery taste and a slight burn from this one, much like the darker hand-collected hashes. Your throat feels the oil collecting and your tongue is covered with a slight residue. I ordered an ice cold juice to wash the first spliff down. By the second spliff we were on to the beer and feelin� properly buzzed on a sunny Friday evening.


The FX are mild and steady. Just crusin� You feel relaxed and chilled out after just a couple of tokes. This is good for days when you�ve got heaps of boring work to do; you just settle into a "zone" and get on with it!


This is a unique hash compared to most on the market right now, because it is so dark and oily, yet the FX are real light and polm-like. This is a good choice for those of you who are tired of the same types of "sandy-light" polms. Try the black earth out!

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