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NL Haze

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NL Haze
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Aug 7, 2002


Mainly Sativa Haze Hybrid


These buds look “spindly” and “reaching”. Colours range from lighter to darker green with a few of these darker fan leaves missed during the manicure. Long orange-brown hairs stick out and show that this weed has not been pressed and packed for shipment!


Hospital Haze scent here; very medicinal, bandage smelling, hospital hall cleaner type of smell. There is a light urine-ammonia smell in the background.


A chomp on the stem releases a nice fresh green with a surprisingly spicy after-taste. Once you get it in the vapouriser, you realise this is not the usual Haze; there is less of the Wildflower flav, and much more of a dried orange peel taste. Cool stuff for a Haze strain!


Uh-Oh, I smoked one hit a few moments ago and I am having trouble staying focused on the… anything, but…. What???
Ok… Pheuww!, I am back. At first the high has you a bit OTT with short attention spans and all kinds of images rushing into your mind. After the “first wave”, if you settle down a bit, you can really get into a groove of creativity: Drawing, writing, making music or just thinking! When the NL Haze finally lets you down heavily, you still feel a bit out of it for the rest of the day!


I’ve smoked a lot of Hazes in my day and this is one of the best for my brain. It really makes you go on deep mental trips followed by a kinda “dazed tiredness” so you really better be in the mood for that; I was, and I loved this smoke!

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