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Oct 10, 2001


Northern Lights/Indica Hybrid


Extremely dense nuggets. Light green with forest of orange hairs. Heavy resin condition, particularly around the base stems. (Cured right-side up?)


Very chemical/ammonia, with a little bit of citrus.


This stuff was too harsh on the old windpipe if you ask me... The only thing I could think of was downing a semi-frozen can of Sprite to cool me down!


As with all potent indoor hydro hybrids, the high has been "designed" to wreck you! This one was a bit of an exception. To my surprise, a rising sort of high took me up and prepared me for a dinner party with a bunch of strangers. Before I knew it, I was the life of the party! (Especially when I passed a spliff around!)


Unfortunately for my throat, the high was well worth a few more hits! Long lasting and generally uplifting for such a potent strain, I talked myself into a few more tokes...

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