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AK47 (2)
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Oct 10, 2001


Sativa dominated Indica hybrid, hydro.


This is Hydro-Scary! Almost fake looking. The crystals shine with multi-coloured hues, like a diamond. Very dense nuggets. Some areas look like they've been painted white. The odd darker leaf pops out here and there. Not only has it got the micro yellow fur, it's got a powdery blanket. Honestly this is one of the heaviest crystalled surfaces I have ever seen!


A bit "grassy" green and horse hay-like. Nothin' spectacular here, which is so bizarre given the looks. Breaks to a slightly pine and chemical scent.


The usual chemical-pine scent which regularly graces weeds of this heavy resin type.


This high is intense! It makes you very confused. Not really "crisp"-trippy but more slow-motion blurry. I just stared off into space. Trippy trees.... I love nature when I toke this gear.


I saw this stuff in artificial office light at first sight but when I broke some out in the rare October sun, I was shocked! This stuff should be called Diamond Dust! Simply beautiful and mesmerising to gaze upon in the sunlight. THEN SMOKE IT: One of those "lay in a grassy field, staring up at blue sky on a sunny dazes" kinda weed. The high is "groovy". You just kinda set into a stoney path of cruisin'. I am saving some for next summer.

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