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NY Diesel

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NY Diesel
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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

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Nov 10, 2006


Mainly Sativa, 100% Bio.


Very large and slightly dark buds, with strange "neon" orange hairs that have made themselves quite at home here. Small calyxes are very densely packed together with a beautiful manicure that has removed everything except for a larger and darker broad leaf here and there. The cure must have been done with slow perfection; you will know from sight, smell and taste.


The smell is not immediately NY Dieselish in the usual grapefruity sense but there is an incredible soapy-fuel scent. What makes this one unique is that there is a very fruity (almost strawberry) tone that way outweighs the normal impact of a citrus. Combine that with sandalwood and you have got it. It was pointed out to me that it has the scents of a slightly moist wooden summer house after a long winter. Don't know if it's flattering but that's the way my friend thought.


Chomping on the stem produced a spicy-green taste. I would love to see how this will turn out in some green butter! On the inhale you know your in trouble; don't even TRY to hold it in, you are just gonna cough and spit that much harder! Oh my, this gear is potent! It leaves a hazey-gas that floats round your throat before the FX are heading up to your dome.


This is one of the nicest yet strong highs you can find in this type of potent weed. It is very psychedelic without being paranoia inducing. This means that you can sit back for an intense visual trip without getting too worried or panicked. You say "damn, this gear is FUN". The FX last for ages, just leaves you in a cruise-control mode for a gentle let-down. I'd choose this for a HEAVY morning wake & bake session without any doubt!


This weed really reminds me of some strains that were more popular 2-3 years ago. (See Phazer or Neville's Haze.) This is not your typical NY Diesel in terms of citrus scent but there is a diesel in there. The NY Diesel from the Rokerij will have you really spaced-out, pleasurably�

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
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