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Rokerij Haze #1

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Rokerij Haze #1
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

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Nov 20, 2005


CC entry 2005. Original Haze strain, Bio. More info to follow�


These buds are ugly-beautiful! The weed is dark green with a yellow dusting of crystals. Fine, grainy crystals cover the goods. The hairs are more reddish than orange and in places there are a few larger leaves left on. Buds are "lanky", yet still quite "meaty". Happily, it breaks up easily, which for fans of drier cures will be perfect.


When you start breaking this up, you are met with such a piney-haze smell. This has the "original" smell that probably means it hasn't been recently crossed. Clean. This should make an impact on the Cannabis Cup judges as it burns and lingers around the Sugar Factory!


I rolled a fat pure spliff of this and took a long "dry hit". It tasted slightly like garden veggies. A bit like celery-tomato leaves actually. The taste is slightly bitter, spicy and slighty metallic flav but that's nothing new for a lot of Haze varieties IMO. It is like with many things, what you would call an "acquired taste".


Yes, what a head-case I became on this gear. Trippy and strong. It's not the type of weed that will make you sleepy, in fact, you have a super-rush of blood and/or adrenaline as you feel your body moving with speed in contrast to your head which knows it is HIGH. This is really "flashy" weed. On the visual side, this weed causes you to become a Quick Blinker (flapping your eyelids every second) and it feels like they are gonna fly away with your eyeballs! Hehe, I MUST be stoned thinking of weird shit like this! ;)


This is a really strong weed but you have to be in the right mood to handle it. For me personally, this is the PERFECT quiet and creative Sunday morning smoke: I lit up and did some drawing... quality-time.

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
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