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Sweet Stick

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Sweet Stick
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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

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Sep 12, 2005


Mainly Sativa hybrid, bio-grown.


Check out these over-sized buds, that are SO crystal covered! These are looking more like they are Indicas at this point. Short little brown-orange hairs. Tiny but nearly everywhere. Upon closer inspection, you will see little clustered calyxes that are yellowish-white. A few darker, broader leaves but they are so covered that you are glad they weren't clipped.


The scent is sweet, yet fresh and minty. There's nothing really too "hazey" about it, it's just a simple smelling blend of sandalwood and anisette as it burns. Catching a small whiff of the smoke floating down the hall had my brother knocking at my door wishing to have a puff!


A "dry hit" tastes a lot like peppermint mixed with celery! This weed goes down inna jointje rather smoothly; no harshness and better still, there is a soft numbing oily residue left on your lips and tongue. As it burns down, it gets more flavourful.


The FX are completely NUTTY! You feel spacey, dazey, and just quite trippy. We went to see Star Wars III and smoked a huge "Sweet Stick" right before we went into the theatre. The opening scene with the space battle was the best experience I have had at a movie in ages... spacey! For a "mainly-Sativa", its power can be a bit too much, making you feel nearly doped-out at times but if you are a practiced canna-head, you'll really enjoy this. Otherwise, it will leave you feeling a little sleepy, or "happily exhausted" like you've just taken a pleasurable trip somewhere.


Overall, it is a relaxing effect but also I really tend to "think" on this weed�now THAT is almost dangerous! You just kinda get into a calm, cool and collected frame of mind; putting strange bits into perspective... Sweet gear from the Rokerij; check it.

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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41
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