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Northern Lights 5 Haze

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Northern Lights 5 Haze
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Rokerij - CLOSED 2011

shop profile Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 41


Mar 29, 2005


Sativa-Indica Hybrid. Bio.


As you can see, this is SO beautiful it nearly jumps off the computer screen! Almost a deep green Jaguar racing colour under all the white powder. Tiny, fuzzy orange-brown hairs barely peek out of the bud, looking gorgeous. 'The calyxes (and there are a lot of �em) are hard, like little uncooked corn kernels.' The pieces are firm, not too moist and not too dry once you break it up. They are absolutely COVERED with glue-like crystals. Albert Stonestein's aka "Cannanerds" will have their magnifying glasses out for this one and boy will they be stoked!


The smell is leaning on the Haze side with a bit of a soapy-cleanser scent.� It smells piney-sandalwood-soap and very, very fresh like it's gonna be strong and enjoyable to the palette. Some can't stand the scent of Haze but it makes my mouth water; you can have the Skunk!


Take a dry hit and it will have you lickin' your lips. The flav inna jointje is quite different than when you vapourise it!� Much more peppery-spicy and celery-like almost like a Charas or Indian hash???� It leaves quite a strong taste in the mouth and a oil drip in the back of the throat; you know it's gonna be hitting your head before it's finished moving down�.


The FX are quick as lightning as it rushes in and has you slammed to the floor. WOW. Heavy in waves, you may find yourself staring in the mirror and giggling at the person looking back at you! Next time I'll smoke with a friend!


This gear is yummy, potent, and well-priced! � Simply fantastic, and clearly one of the best weeds for early 2005. A big bag of good gear awaits from any of the Rokerij party spots...

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