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Northern Lights

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Northern Lights
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shop profile Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147


Mar 15, 2007


Northern Lights (NL) & Power Plant (PP) cross 1.9 gram � EUR 15


Just look at these fat buds covered with powder and you will see why I think the Rookies has one of the best menus of powerful weed in town right now! They are well-cured, not too dry and clipped a perfect amount. They just seem to be ready to toke.


A light hay smell, but not cause it's too green but more cause that's the typical powerplant, crystal-wise. With this type of strain, you are really looking for a fresh smell and this does not disappoint!


In the joint, it comes across more slightly "musty", nearly mustardy on the exhale. Put it in a vapo and you won't be disappointed. I ate a honey-vinaigrette dressing with dinner and midway through sparked up� I gotta say that this was a very fine combo. Maybe the new Rookies Restaurant could use some of my reviews on the menu!


This weed makes you feel really out of it. At times I found myself just staring into space; finally catching on to what everyone around me was saying. Then I came down to earth and was plesantly in a mellow zone for about an hour. Nice one.


This was an all-around great sample. This weed is quite strong so it must be handled with care. Add in a couple big Rookies bar beers and it was like I was on a space mission for about an hour!

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