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Apr 11, 2007


White Widow hybrid, bio.


Large buds, very light and nearly "spongy" in density. See how "fat" they are in the photo at right. The large orange hairs are spread out over the surface of the buds. There are lots of larger leaves left on, but they are still covered with very fine granulated (sugar-like) crystals.


Surely a true "whitey", this weed just smells and tastes fresh and floral, like you have ground up a bouquet of carnations and daisies.


VERY hard to contain when I inhaled, it made me cough within the first second of getting it down. On the inhale, you have the immediate impression that this has a White Widow in its heritage. You can feel the expansion taking place as your lungs really fight to hold it down. Even so, you are not left hacking (too much) and instead produce an icy-cool exhale.


My head was immediately slightly bent, like "ping" a light switch is flipped. It does not overpower you in the sense that you feel "rooted" to the ground but rather you have a "bouncy", tip-of-the-toes type of feeling. Anti-gravity bud like this just helps you "ease on down the road�"


I felt that it was a bit lighter at the beginning but this is certainly NOT for a morning session unless you are a true pro. This has you feeling "ripped"� not sleepy but definitely "flash thinking", going from one subject to another. I could relate to someone with ADD (NL: ADHD). Attention Deficit Disorder was definitely in motion after smoking this; I was so "antsy" my friends were gonna lock me in the house before a night on the town!

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Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147
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