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The Rookies

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The Rookies
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Nov 21, 2005


CC entry 2005. Hindu-Kush (Pakistan). Sativa, Bio.


Looks-wise this weed is well built, yet light and nearly "cottony" in weight, with broad leaves and reddish coli. There is a considerable amount of crystals that are more powdery than grainy, which mean that the bag is quickly covered with valuable THC. These buds "unlock" as you break them apart into smaller sections, all equally over-dusted white.


The smell is actually quite unexpected! I was guessing it would be slightly skunky, but the scent was sweet, ginger and more metallic than I expected. There is definitely a connection to those in the "White family" here with a sugar-crystal funk followed by a danky, musty afterscent.


"In a world of Haze", this flavour is a welcome change. It is almost "buttery" as it slips across your tongue and into your lungs. In fact, I think I have found a perfect Thanksgiving Bud for all you Americans! ;) There is a soft fruity aftertaste you may notice too. Just light a spliff up after a fat dinner and you may as well skip dessert. (Unless of course, you opt for The Rookies Supreme hash, which could make a proper minty finish�)


The FX are stoney. On this gear, you need to be in motion: The Game's "Hate or Love It" was on the radio (I�ve not heard it for months) and I was rollin��. Both ways. In a funny way, this weed seemed to relax me even though it is quite "stoned-potent". Luckily I am never paranoid after smoking but I know some heads who are: All I can say is that this weed is really strong, without making you look over your shoulder every 5 seconds. Actually you're just really stoned... old fashion style, No worries weed!


Overall, this weed was really refreshing. The flava was top notch and the FX were powerful and much more steady than a lot of the strains you are seeing entered in the Cup these last few years. Thankfully, The Rookies Cup entry is NOT for rookies� erhhmm, that suits me fine.

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Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147
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