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Nov 20, 2002


PP1 & Fun Plant 1 hybrid. Bio.


Soft, yet solid, "clustered" nuggets. Pieces separate lightly, like cotton balls stuck together. Light orange hairs seem to be everywhere. Crystals are super fine and cover the surface evenly. Few darker, broader leaves remain but overall the manicure is prime.


Fruity-fresh, with a slightly wet paper scent. There's a bit of a dank, acrid smell that reminds me of a Herer nugget. This mustiness is a heady aroma that draws you in and has you ready for some serious gear.


The flavour is hard to pinpoint, partially because I didn't have too much to sample so I had to choose between vapour en joint. I went with vapour. There is a flava left on the back of your throat that is oh-so familiar but I can't place it exactly. Damn, I�m too stoned from this RKS! C�mon, BushDoc powers don't fail me now� OK: This has a softer, buttery flava that kinda "melts" in your mouth. I really enjoy this type of weed that can be a bit "sweet" without being too harsh on the throat with "scorching" crystals.


RKS has you floatin� like a UFO. I was just really immediately transported to space. A bit light headed, silly, careless and visually sloppy in FX. The last part is ideal for those who wanna get "loose". By this I mean that you almost feel drunk; like when you are just on the edge of being too wasted but are still being happy and funny! This high is a bit swimmy. Air becomes water and everything's a bit uncoordinated.


Great entry from Rookies. I think the high is "stand-out" among the really "heavy hitters" that will shine during the Cup. The high is very potent and "floaty"; these heavy FX will have ya double checking the warning labels on the Rookies bags� just to be sure it's only weed!

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Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 145-147
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