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The Rookies OB

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The Rookies OB
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Mar 30, 2006


It is listed as an Orange Bud but this is certainly got a widow in the fam... :) Bio and lekker!


LOOK at the photo at right: This weed is completely covered in white crystals! Almost like they were dipped into bakers sugar, I began to break this up on top of a mirror, so that I could easily scrape all the THC powder up afterwards. This made for a wicked top-off to a bong hit that I thoroughly enjoyed while wathing the Men's Snowbaoard Halfpipe competition in the Torino Olympics It is nearly white-green in colour, the buds are a little on the dry side, so take extra care whilst skinning up. The hairs are a bit more "fuzzy" than I expected with weed this dry. They actually still had "bend" in them, so they were probably gonna effect the flav as well. We�ll see�


Floral scented, this herb smells like a typical "white weed" like a Widow. You are hit with a stronger scent of the raw THC crystals than the subtle scents of the weed itself. When you break it up, you smell mint. When you burn it, you smell a bit of skunk; not too heavy but just in the background a bit.


The taste is strong and "hacking" is nearly guaranteed when you are smokin� buds with these many crystals! Once you make it past the incredible lung expansion phase and you are on the huge exhale, a tear may form in your eye as you try to maintain composure! I was left with an incredibly "icy-green" aftertaste with this weed. WOW.


The FX are quick-hitting, not creeper like I�d expect. I call this Floaty-Eye High, which is best described as your eyeballs feeling like they are about as light as table-tennis balls, and your head is filled with liquid (in my case, beer ;) You are then barely able to visually focus on too much at once! You still feel a bit energetic though. Just kinda bouncing around. Very visual, cerebral, flashy, and fun weed for pros. I was a bit dazed & confused and definitely felt a bit "tweaked" as I came down from the ride but it was well worth it.


This is the MOST crystal-covered weed I�ve seen so far in 2006! Simply intimidating, when you are about to bust it up for a spliff, or better still, a BONG RIP! (Available to borrow for free of course, from The Rookies Bar & Hotel) All I can say is that I was VERY HAPPY that The Rookies serves up large mugs of ice-cold beer to chill my fire-throat! For lovers of "white buds", this is a winner! Dunno if there's any Orange Bud in there but at that point, I wan't really fussed about names, I was just bouncy-high, enjoying the Games!

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