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1e Hulp Coffeeshop

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Aug 15, 2003


Certainly a hybrid with a something "white" in its heritage.


The colour is medium, light-green. It is SO powdery that the name Snow White is perfect! As you prepare this for a reefer, the powder falls to the table like a snow storm! Grinding it up with your fingers is a pleasurable soft and velvety feel, as the cure is just right.


Fresh and a tad fruity for about 1 second, til it fades to a more "pasty" almost "glue-like" smell. It's like an arts & crafts day in kindergarten or a cr�che. (OK, I may just be really stoned!)


Very crystally flav�d. Unfortunately, my stopped up nose wasn't helping but I could taste the fructose-sweet among the mint. Next time I try this I will make sure not to have my allergies acting up, so that I can really enjoy the flav!


The word "strong" comes to mind! This blinky weed has you buzzing, a bit trippy, but definitely NOT sleepy! (So if you are thinking of the Seven Dwarfs, choose for "Buzzy" over Sleepy & Dopey!) I think this is one o� those "creeper" weeds again; it just creeps further & further in your brain and you are slowly elevated over a 15 minute period!


I found myself at the end of the Rozengracht with a need for weed (after Birthday gift shopping). I chose to drop in to the 1e Hulp / Kasbah to see what was going on; I am so glad I did. Sneeuwitje was off the hook!

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