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Lemon Haze

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Lemon Haze
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Sep 30, 2011


Sativa hybrid, DNA Genetics, Hydro.


Yellowish hues cover the mainly light green parts of this beauty. The crystals are heavy and the orange hairs are there in great numbers. It was sticky enough to need a grinder!


This stuff smells so nicely, it sends messages to your brain telling it to be HIGH, long before you even get a hit off of the joint! The "herbal incense" is heavy.


I pulled some tokes through the joint before I lit it up and was pleasantly surprised by the smooth citrusy taste that was introduced to my tongue. It was fresh and lovely, like a lime had been cut and dipped in peppermint.


The high is nearly immediate, like BAM!!! It hit me quite hard, starting in the back of the eye sockets and moving forward like a fast moving wave. I was definitely a bit out of it as I walked toward the Leidseplein to meet some friends... it was a funny night indeed.


Overall, this weed was great for the price and I would certainly recommend a trip out to the Marnixstraat just to have a really nice environment with some good weed at great prices. At Eerste Hulp you are able to skin up with locals and enjoy yourself without feeling like you are being taken advantage of.

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