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7 Seconds

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7 Seconds
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Pink Floyd

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Oct 10, 2001


Afghan-Indica Hybrid


Large well manicured buds. Crystals are in such great condition that they seem to create an "icing" over the surface!


This stuff has got that typical chemical scent assoicated with afghan. Very sharp and pungent. Your lungs start to quiver in anticipation as soon as you catch a whiff...


Very sweet, yet pine flavoured. The chemical taste leaves a slightly tingly sensation in the back of the throat. For a wicked sensation eat a fizzy candy right after you take a huge drag of this gear!


The high was as advertised: 7 seconds and baked as.... Fortunately, it lasted for at least 45 minutes strong! The quick hitting high is like a blast off; further enhanced by a long bong hit!


This is very similar to the Grizzly; just maniCURED a little bit better. Well worth it! I hope it lasts until the summer time, but I doubt it...

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