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Umma Gumma

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Umma Gumma
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Pink Floyd

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Aug 16, 2004


Moroccan Super Polm


This is always a very good looking hash; cut thin and layered with a "creamy" structure, looking like a batch of fudge was sliced up before it had a chance to cool and harden! It bends softly before breaking and you don't have much trouble preparing it.


As you smell this, it is easy to start getting excited cos you know that you are about to experience a super-session; the cocoa-minty-green flav of the finest hash plants of Morocco have been used to create this gorgeous sample.


The taste is much like the smell; minty and "canna-green". There is a bit of a soft spicy-perfumed taste which conveys its richness and the pureness of this hash. No contaminants tasted anywhere in there; just lovely and smooth.


Yes, you can lie back in the seat, set your headphones on, and just chill out on this gear! I love to enjoy a smoke like this! The feeling is soft and calming. After a long and stressful day at work, the FX of Umma Gumma can be nearly medicinal!


This is quality; clean, and well produced. There are polms, super polms and then there are special polms like this Umma Gumma! Pink Floyd is always a good call!

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Pink Floyd

Haarlemmerstraat 42
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