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Charras Cream

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Charras Cream
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Pink Floyd

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Oct 10, 2001




Dark and shiny exterior with a dark wafer-like interior. Thinly pressed and cut into fine strips.


A bit like burned wood with spices and earth mixed in. You can just make out something salty and cured in the background. When burned, it wasn't too spicy but it was a little perfumed.


Slightly salty roasted veggie with a light barbecue/soy-sauce aftertaste. I drank a fine Aussie Shiraz red wine with it and it was delicious; it really brought out the flowery flavour of the hash!


Soft and mellow body high with noticeable visuals. Your peripherals start tweaking with a mild photo-shutter effect =, as you turn your head from side to side.


I really liked this and that says a lot coming from me with regard to dark hash. Maybe the "cream" part is just the compromise I need to lure me. The flav was hitting the tongue perfectly (particularly with the wine) and the high was hitting my body perfectly (also with the wine). A dark hash I would try again...

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Pink Floyd

Haarlemmerstraat 42
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