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Bubble Trouble

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Bubble Trouble
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Pink Floyd

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Oct 23, 2005


Ice-o-lator made from the great "Mothers Finest" strain. This is a Power Plant hybrid, bio-grown. (see the 2003 review below � click the purple arrow under "marijuana"!)


Thin cut, "strips" with a brown, shiny exterior and a brownish-white interior. Upon closer inspection, you will see that there are millions of little crystals that shine in the sunlight. It breaks up easily, almost like powder between your fingers. Be sure to scrape off your finger tips, cos half the good stuff can be left behind on your hands if you are not careful!


The scent is soft and clean. There is no "wet" or mouldy smell here, which is exactly what you�re looking for in an ice hash. As it burns, the whole room reeks of very potent and fresh ganja. I�ve walked into industrial grow-rooms that didn't have this pungency!


Flav is fresh and full of citrus. As you inhale, you get a soft "drip" on the back of the throat. Lots of oil is released as the joint burns; you are sure to be left with a really gooey, sticky roach as it burns down. Make sure to grab one of the many ice-cold fruit drinks to wash it down.


The effects are "dizzying", in that you immediately get a head rush after your first puff! There is a rushing sensation that hits you head on, reducing you to a barely functioning person. This hash (much like the weed itself) makes me giggle and act a fool! (what else is new, eh?)


Pink Floyd has a great menu; simple. This hash further proves it cos I don't even like ice-o-lator that much and I found myself back for more to take to a house party a friend was giving later that week!

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Pink Floyd

Haarlemmerstraat 42
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