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Wester Weed

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Wester Weed
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Pink Floyd

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Oct 10, 2001


More info soon...


Very dense, fuzzy and more yellowish than green. Incredibly resin covered. Small clumps of very light orange hairs. Quite a crystally specimen!


Fresh with a strong fruity scent. More berry than citral with a slight minty smell.


Perfumed taste, almost like a fine polm. There's a lovely fresh flavour going on.... It lingers around your mouth for a long time. You need no additions in the way of food or drink; just savour the flavour!


This weed makes you very stoned; it's easy to lose track of time. Just kind of veg out and do sweet fuck all when you are gonna smoke this gear.


Yet another heavy hitter from these guys; if you like getting blasted with some great tasting gear, then make sure you pick some up.

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