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First Cream

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First Cream
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Pink Floyd

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Apr 24, 2003


Top quality Indian cream made from the "first rub" off of the plants.


So dark and oily, it kind of has a greenish tone to it. It really reminds me of the ol skool hash oil; pure and darkest emerald green in the sunlight. The layers are easily seen as this goodgey hash is broken apart. Take a flame to it; watch it as it begins to bubble up with no sign of black smoke and actually almost no smoke released at all! That is what you�re after!


The smell is heavy and very incense-green. When it burns, everyone who knows good black hash will be pulling up to your table to chat from all directions! The nose knows.


There is no throat burn with this gear; it's much more like a lung-burn that you�d get from THC crystals. Minty and flowery, this smoke is one of the best and purest tasting I�ve had in years!


A great sharp and strong high. Very heavy on my eyes, it had me kind of dopey and dim-witted (yes-I, more than normal!) We smoked a spliff of this and kinda just chilled around the water on a warm sunny day. It was a great feeling of contentment.


Overall, this is one that all true dark hash lovers must get a sample of. Darker the hash the richer the rewards in this case. So sticky, fresh and PURE. AB picked up some for me when he was at Pink Floyd; since then me and a few mates have gone back for more! Get some of this fine solid before it's up in smoke�

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Pink Floyd

Haarlemmerstraat 42
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