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Domina Haze

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Domina Haze
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Pink Floyd

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Nov 19, 2005


No info from the grower yet.


Darker green, smallish buds with thin yet long hairs (reddish brown) hidden amongst the very fine crystals. As it breaks up, you are left with all sorts of grainy crystals over your fingers. It has all the characteristics of something that will get you ripped! This is potent gear.


"Chocolate-Haze" (yes, you heard it here first!) is what this one brings to mind. Bits of cacao-powder, blended with a medicinal haze scent makes this one considerably attractive and has you begging for a hit off of a passing joint!


The taste is very sandalwood, like you feel when you get a little bit of bath oil or soap in your mouth while bathing. It leaves the inside of your throat with the strong taste of the good stuff. I wish they�d bottle this flav so I could use it to cook some Domina Chicken Curry!


The FX are strong! Very visual, you see tracers in the side of your eyes, and lotsa play between shadow and light! If you are with the right crew, this shit can be downright FUNNY; making you feel like a bunch of people who are tripping� Sometimes it just gets nuts � we couldn't wipe HUGE grins off of our faces.


Good stuff. Simple. We had a visitor from Japan in town who met some of the staff for lunch; afterwards, we burned a pure log of this and walked peacefully around the Jordaan area like red-eyed Cheshire Cats! Nice one�

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Pink Floyd

Haarlemmerstraat 42
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