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Mothers Finest

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Mothers Finest
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Pink Floyd

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Oct 10, 2001


PP Hybrid


Rocky, dense nuggets. Covered heavily by a thick white powdery crystal. Manicured with precision, just the right amount of extra stem and leaf is trimmed off! Left behind are beautiful orange-red coli which rise from the light green and white herb with great contrast.


Fresh and not too "green", with a wee paprika pepper scent, (Not green pepper but more like a sweeter yellow or orange variety) this "light pepper" maybe hints at Afghani influence...


First I had to chomp the stem... Better than any chewing gum (at least for the first few minutes before it turns into thistle!) I had a post Q-Day cold mind you, but after a hit off the Vrip Tool, hints of that sweet-hot pepper flav resurfaced accompanied by a fresh mint. At this point you're thinking "peppermint" but it's not! The taste is represented by sweet and hot independently, all the while leavin yo mouth a bit cottony!


It's a wikid stone; very silly, laughing, stoney, drooping eyelids... I smoked a fat bowl of this and went off on a cooking spree. The high was "out of it" as I kinda got lost in my thoughts. Pleasantly meditative.


What a fantastic natural drug! This stuff is nice and strong. A wonderful buzz, for me a great combo of dopey-body high with a nice light, and for me, giggle-style was a perfect balance. Mothers Finest.

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Pink Floyd

Haarlemmerstraat 42
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