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Domina Haze

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Domina Haze
Rating: 3.3 out of 5

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Oct 10, 2001


2x Indica and 1x Sativa


A darker "forest" green. Narrow "S" shaped "vines" of tiny flowers. Long and reaching buds. Long brown-orange hairs.


Extemely sweet, minty with a hint of chemical.


Sweet; a bit of black licorice/anisette. Similar to a Purple Skunk with more sweet in place of the spice.


Not overpowering; subtle and nice. The feeling of a numbing buzz felt behind the face; upper teeth felt desensitized while my eyes kinda floated around. Another "Outter Eye" high!


Because the effect is not so overpowering it's difficult to tell if this weed gets you sleepy or not. I waked & baked it and achieved a floating head effect. Mild distortions of perception/colours in my peripheral vision were an added bonus.This one's VERY special. Completely unique in scent, flavour, and effect! Seek it out ASAP before it's gone. I hope this strain sticks around...

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