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Bab Bered

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Bab Bered
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Oct 10, 2001


Village of Bered in Ketama, Morocco.


Very hard, shiny dark skin, mottled appearance with white specks. It busts up to a powder when prepared, even when it's heated a little.


VERY minty and pine-scented. For hash, this is not a gear you can conceal easily; my desk drawer smelled like Morocco for a week after it was up in smoke!


Excellent rich flavour. Leaves that familiar "cool" feeling in the throat. Enjoyed with an ice cold pilsener beer with a big frothy head.


The high is nice and steady; immediate results after a few minutes. A mellow yet pensive thought process ensues. A nice "warm & fuzzy" session. Great for a relaxed summer mid-day in the park.


This is quite lovely; the only drawback is that it powders up in an aggro style: As I broke it up, tiny chunks ended up all over the floor! Make sure you take your time with the preparation of this gear so as not to waste it...

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