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NYC Diesel

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NYC Diesel
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Oct 10, 2001


Mexican-Sativa crossed with Afghan-Sativa. (SOMA seeds)


Medium dark-green with darker green leaves (more sativa shaped) covering dark reddish-brown hairs. Not too sticky (a faint crystal dusting owing to its partial afghani heritage), this stuff breks up effortlessly.


This part is incredible; one of the freshest oranges with an artificial sugar-sweetened and freeze-dried spice scents that i've ever tasted!


It's mainly sativa flavoured; very sweet and a little spicy. This is very much like a hot orange cider with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Certain pieces (oddly the pieces that resemble Afghan, ie. the "clustered and crystalized portions) really tasted richer, more coffee-like and earthy. It rests in your mouth like after a fine holiday banquet; it's so good, you overindulge and feel like spewing!


Very spacy high! (hello...hello....hello?..echo...echo...echo...) REALLY! This is very visually flashy; i'm sitting in the sun right now on a saturday noon; the pen strokes resemble the way ink hits a page with a typewriter: slash-flash, slash-flash!


This stuff is SO odd and unique. Sometimes it exhibits sativa traits, sometimes afghan. For the W.T.T. (Well Travelled Toker), this sample can NOT be missed! It's simply marvelous; this one is for Canizales who had me search for some serious Mexi here in sweet Holland!

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