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NYC Diesel

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NYC Diesel
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Oct 26, 2006


Mainly Sativa hybrid. Hydro.


After coming into Centraal Station we happened to be around the top of the Singel and the Haarlemmerstraat so we decided to pop by the "little" Doors. We were happy to see that there was a special price on NY Diesel. The buds were quite large, loose-leafed and filled with crazy long hairs! Check out the photo at right... DAMN!


WOW, this stuff smells like a zillion oranges and grapefruits were squeezed and concentrated into this weed as it grew. The smoke released is some "serious stink"! You do not have ANY chance of hiding this from curious noses!


The flav is exactly like the smell would indicate; very citrusy mixed with a bitter alcohol or fuel. The taste that is left on your tongue is strong, so it is clear that this was cured with care.


The FX are intense; but in a very unique way. You have this sort of "top of the eye-high" where it feels like you have been filled up with little gumballs that are rollin� around inside you, almost nearly up to your eyes. Simply put, this has you feeling a little light in the head! (And, in my case, thinking people were gonna try and shove a few coins in my mouth!)


You see the ubiquitous NY Diesel in nearly every other menu these daze, but I gotta hand it to the Doors on this one; I heard they are gonna be out of it for awhile so get in there for some cool tunes and a fatty!

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