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Morrison Haze

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Morrison Haze
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Sep 30, 2011


Lemon Haze (DNA) mixed w/ ??? 1.2g = €15.00


The piece I had for sampling was gorgeous. It was darker in some areas. The tiny orange hairs are everywhere to be found and they really stand out from the crystal covered buds. The little calyxes make this bud look almost like a stalactite. (You know, those crazy looking mineral formations that you find in caves?)


Very hazey/sandalwood. This reminds me of a haze from five years ago called Phazer, that smelled like really expensive incense! When burned, the room smells like an opium den!


The flavour was very refined; like a cured blend of rare herbs. It was easy to smoke as it didn't leave a harsh aftertaste. After 20 minutes or so, I definitely needed an ice cold juice from the Doors bar. Munchies soon followed...


There is a great feeling after smoking this, and overall you feel like you are cruisin�. Mr. Mojo Risin! Mr. MojoRisin! Shoot, you KNOW I was baked from this! lol The high sets in real quickly; almost as if you are floating on a cushion of air from the time you exhale the third toke.


It is great to see such a quality weed in Coffeeshop The Door's menu. It is one of a kind in the area for those in the higher price range weeds.

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